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McHenry meets with friendly crowd

News Editor

“Elections have consequences.”
Rep. Patrick McHenry made that statement at both the beginning and end of a town hall meeting in Lincolnton on Monday, during which he fielded questions from citizens from North Carolina’s 10th District about issues ranging from jobs and the economy to the Affordable Care Act, immigration, agriculture and the IRS.
The crowd, with an official tally of 84, was largely supportive of McHenry and the Republican Party.
McHenry, a fifth-term congressman who resides in Denver, said he holds town hall meetings to receive valuable feedback from his constituents, and offered his insights and opinions on several of the major current political topics.
He applauded the House for voting numerous times to repeal the Affordable Care Act. He said he was concerned about the economy and, while recognizing the need for affordable healthcare, stated that the best way for an individual to have the ability to afford healthcare was to have steady employment.
Several individuals in attendance expressed concern about the country’s immigration policy, and specifically cited border security between the U.S. and Mexico as a serious problem. McHenry said that any discussion of immigration reform has to begin with securing the border, which he described as “porous.”
He said there was “no chance” that he would vote to support the large immigration reform bill that passed the Senate in June, and agrees with the House strategy of tackling the immigration issue with a series of bills.
McHenry’s town hall meeting at City Hall in Lincolnton was the first in a series of seven meetings with constituents he is holding in the 10th district through Aug. 15. He was introduced by Mayor John Gilleland, who said McHenry has been an asset to the city and the district. McHenry also met with officials from the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce and toured Sally’s YMCA in Denver earlier in the day on Monday.

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