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Rehashing good times of work and play



Guest Columnist

Some of our friends were vacationing with their family last week at the beach. But my week was even better. My family was home with me.

Health problems keep us close to home now, and having my family here makes the best week of the summer. But we still rehash good times of previous vacations together.

Delicious meals come easy with all the fresh vegetables available. Tomatoes, corn, green beans with a piece of browned chopped steak bring good comments about supper.

Add barbecue sandwiches for another meal and the cook gets to enjoy the backyard entertainment provided by the youngest family member when she splashes water and shares that beautiful smile.

We count our blessings. Having family together now is better than an away-from-home vacation.

I’m happy for friends who can still travel and enjoy their vacation time. We have had our time and now we plan special time with friends and family.

Most of you I’m sure have heard about the death of White House correspondent Helen Thomas. She had an exciting career in journalism with her front row seat to many presidents.

I had the pleasure of meeting her many years ago when I was a member of the North Carolina Press Women. Our fall meeting was in Charlotte and she was the speaker.

Most NCPW members then were employed by small newspapers and few of us had ever dreamed of a career like hers. She won us over with her humorous stories about her time at the White House.

News stories about her death called her a pioneer for women in journalism and a bulldog for United Press International. She was that and she certainly did help pave the way for women to move up in journalism.

I recall her lecture about news gathering and how important it was to get the story when it was news and how she often scooped other reporters.

Often when I watched a White House News conference, I waited for her to deliver the closing line: “Thank you, Mister President.”

I admired her very much, but never held any envy of her job among politicians. She definitely was one of a kind and even though her strong opinions ended her career, I believe we could still use more of her kind.

I learned a lot during the many times I attended press meetings and I enjoyed meeting other reporters and hearing about their work.

But press meetings, like traveling and beach vacations are over. Now we’re gifted with time to rehash long ago memories while enjoying this phase of our life.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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