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Don’t reduce tax, remove it


A reduction in the garbage tax is not the answer.  The question is why was this tax voted in to begin with? The tax instituted by the City Council is the result of their refusal to face the hard facts of the need to reduce expenses.

The fact that the tax is still alive should not be tolerated by the citizens of this city. I would be willing to bet that somewhere down the line it will be increased again and again.

The bare fact of the matter is that the City Manager, Jeff Emory, has not made the hard choices of reducing expenditures in these bad economic times. What councilmen Cloninger and Heavner have done by reducing the tax from $10 to $5 is nothing but a sop, and we citizens must not be duped into thinking that we have rid ourselves of this infernal garbage tax.

Councilman Rhyne wisely voted against the tax when it was first proposed and offered an alternative that would have worked, but the other council members would not vote for it.

The time is long past when businesses and municipalities can afford to pay the insurance costs of their employees and families without any contribution from their workers, and yet the city still does.

This is just one of the large expense items on the city’s budget.

I say again that this infernal garbage tax is now out there on the books and can be used against us again and again down the road. We should not rest until this tax is eliminated and we need to hold accountable any candidate who is running for council as to their position on this matter.


Charles Eurey   


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