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City Hall overflows with public opinions




Guest Columnist



Before the protesters got a chance to protest a $10 added charge to the city garbage fee, Councilman Les Cloninger moved to cut the proposal in half.


Councilman Devin Rhyne suggested disposing with all of it and voted against any extra charge. But his motion was voted down and the $5 fee held.


That’s about the gist of the largest audience ever at a Lincolnton City Council meeting.


I was in that overflowing council room, but only heard half of what was being said. If I had left my hearing aids at home I wouldn’t have heard that half.


After other business was discussed and voted on, the meeting turned into a pro and con talk about Hog Happenin’. What I gathered from that part of the meeting was that some of those attending the Hog Happenin’ event were not acting nice. But others defended them in spite of some staying too long in the beer garden and spreading their containers all over private property.


Some discussion was about who really pays for the “happenings.” I missed some of that talk too, but I know that there’s many ways that the green dollar can’t settle a debt.


So I sided with the folks who talked about the problems someone else’s pleasure brings to town.


I reckon that blocked streets, trash and all night loud noise makes an enjoyable time for cycle lovers. And those who either wear or admire bikinis should have a chance to join or watch the parade.


So, since I don’t live downtown, wear bikinis, clean streets, or sell beer, maybe I don’t deserve an opinion.


But why not? My tax money is just as green as yours. If I made noise that kept the neighbors awake on Danbrook, blocked the street, or dumped my trash, someone would be complaining about me before sundown. And never ever should you park the wrong way on a one-way street.


Motorcycling is a sport that’s enjoyed by many who spend loads of money on their hobby. And those who spoke in favor of the celebration pointed out interesting things that happen during the event.


Nothing wrong with that. Most of us should have a hobby and we shouldn’t be critical of what makes the other person happy.


Enough said on that subject. If your motorcycle is your pleasure and makes you happy that’s good. And I expect many at Hog Happenin’ wished the trouble-makers had just stayed away.


We left the meeting after hearing the mayor talk about the city having too much water and plan to offer the county some. The city has too much water and the county has too little. Sounds like a good deal brewing.


Too much rain was not on the agenda, but that was up for discussion after we left City Hall.


Maybe we could ask the council for wet weather advice, after they turn up the microphones. We want to hear what is said about that.


 Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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