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Commissioners to hear Amity Lane update

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The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners is expected to hear an update on the situation with Trinity Farms, the neighborhood whose bridge was washed out on Amity Lane during recent storms, at tonight’s meeting.
Following excessive rain on June 28, the eastern portion of the neighborhood was cut off from access to a public road when the bridge went out.
Two temporary bridges were installed (one for foot traffic and another for vehicles to cross), for which the county chipped in $5,000, according to a memo from Interim County Manager Martha Lide to commissioners.
Officials with the North Carolina Department of Transportation have said they could not participate in repairs due to the road being private. The N.C. Forestry Service did, however, help with building the temporary bridges, and Lide noted that all residents in the area have been advised that the bridges were on loan from the agency and are not meant for extended use.
Additionally, a local State of Emergency was declared for the area, which was necessary to “provide extra liability protection as this emergency situation was addressed,” Lide said in the memo.
An estimated 30 properties have been impacted by the washout.
“There is a covenant that requires property owners to maintain the roads; however, it is evident that the roads throughout the neighborhood have not been maintained,” Lide also wrote.
She expects that the total cost to permanently repair the bridge could lie between $50,000 and $200,000, with the estimated cost to repair all roads in the subdivision to meet NCDOT standards standing at more than $1 million.
Other items on tonight’s Board of Commission meeting agenda include:

  • Commissioners will consider a release-and-settlement agreement with Carolina Trust Bank regarding back taxes on collateral equipment from the dissolution of Lincolnton Furniture Company.
  • Commissioners will consider the capital purchase of EMS laptops.
  • Commissioners will consider awarding a three-year contract for pest control in the amount of $52,560.
  • Commissioners will consider awarding a contract in the amount of $256,768 to Carrick Contracting Corporation for the construction of an emergency-communications tower, to be located at the main Alexis Fire Station.
  • Commissioners will consider a resolution amending the classification and compensation plan for the position of deputy emergency management coordinator.
  • Commissioners will appoint a voting delegate for the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners’ conference.

 The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. at the Citizens Center and is open to the public.


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