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Exchange some memories on the Fourth of July

Guest columnist

I received a telephone call the other night from a long ago classmate and it was so unexpected that I kept thinking about it for several days.
When I say long ago classmate, I mean many and elementary school years ago. We settled the reason for the call, kept talking and exchanged memories of third grade years.
We were best friends, the kind that only little girls can have. She remembered her first night away from home being spent with me. I rode the school bus home with her for a return visit.
It was important then to go home with your friend from school. Now we can’t remember why we wanted to do that when there really wasn’t room for another bedmate.
But like wearing each other’s sweaters, it was the thing that most of us wanted to do.
After talking with her, I began thinking of all the phone calls and visits from friends and relatives that wind up being an exchange of memories of bygone days.
When visiting with my sister we seldom talk about current events. After making sure the children are OK and some bragging about all their offspring we once again dredge up childhood memories.
Recalling some of these happenings bring laughter and some we would just as soon forget. I don’t think she has ever forgotten anything, because she reminds me of things that I don’t remember.
But it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon.
With other longtime friends we talk about career-day happenings. With lots of laughter we compare the many insults we received when working as to how little they mean to us today. In fact, they mean so little that we make jokes about most of them while talking about how we handled them.
We rehash the good times too. We had many visits and some great weekends together.
Camping with friends was lots of fun when the children were small. We had lots of good meals cooked outdoors and the young ones needed little watching as they rambled the campground.
It’s easy to remember these long ago good times when we were young. Then it seemed as if everything going wrong could be fixed overnight.
It’s July 4th week, a traditional vacation week for many. If you can’t travel, call up some old friends, invite them over for a cold drink and exchange some long ago memories. No fireworks planned, just an evening to talk about life when it was different.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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