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City should tighten budget, not add tax


In reference to the newly created “trash tax,” I was taken back a bit by our city manager’s comment regarding fighting for “our” employees. I’m sure he’s a good boss to work for, but perhaps he should be in the private sector, fighting for his employees with private money, not the public’s. My wife has dealt with reduced hours for well over a year while working in the healthcare field. Most everyone has felt the pinch of our struggling economy. It would be nice to have more information as to what our city government has done or tried to do to deal with budget shortfalls. How many positions have been eliminated within our city employees?  Have hours or overtime been reduced? Have any “nonessential” services been eliminated? The timing of this seems odd as well. Switching to the city managing recycling versus out-sourcing the service was supposed to save the city money. Within a short period of the switch, a new $120 annual tax appears. How many households will be paying this new tax, and how much will it generate annually? Was the idea of a one-time fee to recoup container costs considered? Or will this new tax be like a toll bridge/road that pays for itself within a period of time, but remains a source of revenue indefinitely? In regards to the fact that other municipalities are already charging a separate fee/tax for trash and recycling, am I the only one that recalls Mom and Dad saying “just because everybody else is doing something, doesn’t mean you have to?”

Ken Tucker


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