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Good things going on this summer

Guest columnist

The farmer’s market is a good place to visit on Saturday morning. There’s lots of fresh vegetables, baked goods, flowers, lotions and soaps.
Carrying home a big basket of goods makes good meals this week. It’s also a good time to meet and make friends. If some of the vegetables look foreign to you, don’t move and soon someone will come to buy some.
Just ask how they are cooked and soon you will have more food, new recipes and new friends. Because most will be glad to tell you how to cook something different.
There’s bunches of fresh beets, kale, onions and radishes, but best of all is lots of homegrown tomatoes.
No recipe needed for one of the summer’s best foods. Put thick slices of that juicy red tomato on slices of fresh white bread spread with Duke’s mayonnaise. Don’t forget the salt and black pepper.
If it drips when you bite into it, you’ve got it right, just stand over the sink and let it flow.
It’s officially summer now and there’s lots of things going on besides good eating. It’s a good time to stop in and visit with friends to catch up on their family news.
Who has a new baby in the family or even who has a new car. Who is vacationing on the coast and who is going to Pigeon Forge for the weekend.  It’s good to keep up with what friends are doing.
Warmer weather is also the time to repair the havoc that the previous years and winter months left on the old homeplace. Walls can use some new paint and the outside could use some washing down.
Windows need washing and blinds need dusting. Carpets need cleaning and cabinets need scrubbing. I could write the housewife’s song with some of this but what homemaker would feel like singing with this much work going on.
It’s easy to find a good excuse for putting off work like this as we get older. Anything you do can upset your daily routine such as an afternoon nap or finishing that book.
It’s also harder to move things around and put them back where they belong. No trying to rearrange the furniture, it won’t fit in another corner.
But all that effort pays off and we admire the work of the painters and vow that it will be a long time before we do this again.
Fresh vegetables on the table and keeping up with friends will mean good times during these long summer days.

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