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Reader’s Forum — 6-26-13

Props for Little Women
Kudos to the Lincoln Theater Guild for its lovely production of Little Women. The girls/women who played the four sisters did a wonderful job. I’m sure I read the book when I was a kid, but I don’t remember it. Now I want to read it again! Thanks also to Fifth Third Bank for supporting the Guild, so they could put on this play. My mother, friend and I enjoyed it immensely.
Deborah Beck
Iron Station

Responding to City Manager’s comments
I wish to comment on the interview with City Manager Jeff Emory, as reported in last Friday’s Lincoln Times-News. I commend Emory for his explanation of the city’s financial situation and his willingness to defend the recently approved “trash tax.” However, there was one comment, attributed to Emory, that attracted my attention. He is quoted as saying, “I will always, as city manager, fight for our employees.”  I have nothing but high praise for the level and quality of services provided by our city employees. However, I would hope that any individual, serving the citizens of this city, would better understand who should be the primary object of support.
Any government has at the root cause of its failings forgetting who provides the support and who should be supported. Most governments slowly begin to believe their sole purpose is to enhance its position, enlarge its role, and draw from the public whatever monetary assets the government believes necessary to support its efforts. Taxes should not be based on what the government deems necessary to support its desires, but should be based on the delicate balance between the “needs” of the government and the ability of the citizens to pay the taxation.
If the City Manager has as his primary responsibility fighting for the employees, our only hope is  that the Mayor and the members of the Council realize their responsibility is to fight for the taxpayers. If we believe there is a Council member who ignores the welfare of the taxpayer, the resolution of the issue exists in our democratic election process.
Tom Hawk

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