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Reader’s Forum — 6-24-13

City budget puts increasing burden on citizens

Our City Manager has spoken and the taxpayers of Lincolnton should just settle back and accept the new sanitation fee.  After all, our City Manager freely admits that he will “always fight for our city employees” and he “stands firm in his belief that it was a necessary decision.”  Well, I’m not willing to accept the fact that he and our majority city council can’t manage our city budget without putting ever increasing burdens on the citizens of our city. I agree wholeheartedly with Devin Rhyne when he says that cuts could be made without jeopardizing city services, and he seems to be the only elected representative with a vote who actually fights for city residents.  Perhaps our majority councilmen and our City Manager could learn something about budget management from our retiree population. We have finite resources and no taxpayers to go to for additional funds when prices, fees and taxes increase. We simply have to cut back on what we spend. Sometimes it’s painful but we do it because we have to work within our budgets. We can’t blame the recession or the fact that we don’t live in an ideal world. We simply do without or arrange our finances to cover what we need. Perhaps we need to replace our City Manager with one of our city’s retirees. I’m betting we’d see budget management that would give our residents an economic boost while providing the services they need.

Sam Ausband, Jr.

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