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Standing up at Moral Monday


Standing up at


Moral Monday


I was arrested last night (June 17).

So were roughly 80 others. It was a Moral Monday in Raleigh and I went because I am totally incensed that this legislature and Gov. Pat McCrory are damaging the state of NC so badly. To some extent, all politicians are “bought,” but many in this group are beyond belief. They only represent the richest folks and are slavishly following the suggestions for legislation that ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) have written, and are pushing in every republican dominated state. A political arm of the Chamber of Commerce, ALEC favors tax cuts for the wealthy and businesses. And increasing taxes on the folks who can least afford it, as well as removing all safety nets for the rest of us.

In the areas of annexation, children, the economy, education, elections, the environment, gun rights, racial justice, taxes, unemployment benefits, women’s rights, etc., many seem to be selling themselves to the highest bidder. I think some members of our state legislature are morally corrupt.

I urge others to go to go to Raleigh for the next two Moral Mondays whether you wish to be arrested or just show support for real people. Businesses do better if an educated public can get decent jobs and have a little extra to spend. No one does well when the system creates so many “have nots.” My mother used to call this “cutting off your nose to spite your face.”

Kudos to the Wake County Sheriff’s Office for their organized and professional treatment of all the protesters. Non-protesters seemed to have been treated the same way as long as they were not causing a problem. Impressive!

Pat Wang

Iron Station

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