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Reader’s Forum — 6-14-13

Unfair tax
Beginning July 1, all property owners here in Lincolnton are going to be charged (taxed) an additional $10 a month to have our trash picked up. Our City Manager Jeff Emory, City Councilmen Dr. John “Les” Cloninger and Carroll Heavner decided that this tax was “necessary to continue offering services to Lincolnton residents without putting the burden on the backs of city employees.” WHAT?! Is it not the responsibility of our city manager and council members to also consider the burden being shouldered by the thousands of other residents and business owners of this community?
Not mentioned in last week’s Lincoln Times-News article is that this monthly charge (tax) will also be assessed on all businesses within the city. Business owners please note – depending on usage, and I’m not sure to what limits they’ll go, the additional charge (tax) on my business will be $60 a month! That calculates to (including my $10 residency charge) an additional city tax of $840 a year. This, for a service which had previously been included in my already high property taxes (compared to municipalities in our area we are taxed at the HIGHEST rate). Our business is open only two days a week and I don’t mind saying that with the struggles mine and, I’m sure, many other businesses have had to cope with during this long recession, we simply can’t afford this kind of additional expense. This is also a huge deterrent to any new business or home buyers locating in Lincolnton.
Mayor John Gilleland and Councilman Devon Rhyne were in opposition to this new charge (tax), but they unfortunately were outnumbered in the voting. Something has to be done! We should follow the advice of Dr. Hitt, one of the many who raised a voice of disapproval at last Monday’s city budget meeting, and do everything in our power to make sure that anyone who voted for this new tax will not be reelected.

Gene Poinsette

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