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Business Brief — 6-14-13

Kirk NationaLease Co. wins “Exceptional Service” award
Kirk NationaLease, with a facility located at 610 St. Matthews Church Road in Lincolnton, has been awarded the “Exceptional Service” award by its peers in the NationaLease System. During a week last month, Randy Johnston, director of maintenance, and John Wearly, regional manager, from Kirk NationaLease attended the NationaLease Spring Maintenance Meeting in Chicago. At this meeting, Johnston accepted the award on behalf of Kirk NationaLease.
The maintenance managers of the individual NationaLease affiliates vote on the awards for exceptional reciprocal service prior to the meeting. These managers are the people that use the different members for emergency repairs, and they know who provides the best service, allowing the affiliates to show appreciation for the companies that consistently go above and beyond the call of duty.
Kirk NationaLease was one of 15 affiliates that received an award, out of the 120 members in the NationaLease system.
NationaLease is the largest member-owned system of interdependent, full-service leasing companies in North America and represents independent leasing companies (affiliates) that supply maintenance and administrative services for more than 100,000 vehicles at over 600 facilities across the United States and Canada.
Kirk NationaLease leases and maintains trucks, trailers and related equipment and operates 24 maintenance facilities in nine different states.
Kirk NationaLease, whose headquarters is in Sidney, Ohio, has been a member of NationaLease since 1975. Kirk NationaLease currently employs more than 200 people in its shops and at the corporate office in Sidney.

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