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Reader’s Forum 6-12-13


Disappointed by garbage fee

After reading in the Lincoln Times-News that the City Council approved the new $10 monthly fee for garbage collection, I was disappointed but not surprised, especially for the two Council members in favor of the new fee or “tax,” as Charles Eurey rightly called it.

If you notice, Mr. Heavner and Dr. Cloninger have always voted for every increase that comes up for discussion.  These two men are working men and are not on a fixed income.

When I was annexed into the city, there were no beneficial services. Only a few street lights and garbage service were added. The lights could have been purchased at Lowe’s and a private sanitation company could have provided garbage service at a much lower cost than paying city taxes. We have no storm drains in my neighborhood. When the city last paved my street, it resulted in a higher level than my driveway. This causes standing of water. Maybe this new fee will rectify this issue. But I am not holding my breath.

It is unconscionable that Council members voted for this increase when our economy is at an all-time low and many people are unemployed or on a fixed income. You only need to visit Christian Ministries to see that there are many people hurting today. Mr. Heavner and Dr. Cloninger, this $10 fee could make a different in a co-payment for a prescription for medication.

I am with Dr. Bill Hitt, I will do everything in my power to vote those out of office who voted in favor for this new tax.

Mickey Walker



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