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Drug investigators seize camp fuel, pills used to make meth at a Lincoln County residence



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At least three Maiden residents have been charged with possessing items for making methamphetamine at a residential property west of U.S. 321, near the county’s northern end, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputies charged the individuals after they said they located numerous drug paraphernalia items around 3 p.m. Tuesday inside a vehicle parked at a home on Biggerstaff Road.

Investigators said the seized items, which included drain-opener chemicals, pseudoephedrine, camp fuel, packs of cold medication packs and jars of a mysterious liquid, are commonly used for producing meth using the “one-pot” or “shake-and-bake” method.

The particular technique for making the toxic drug involves placing chemicals and other ingredients inside a plastic container and shaking it.

Law enforcement authorities across the nation agree that the process is more dangerous than the archaic method that called for more supplies and larger amounts of ingredients–amounts now either outlawed for over-the-counter sale or closely tracked by pharmacies in many states.

State Bureau of Investigation officers and Maiden police were also on scene Monday, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The SBI assisted in the cleanup process and took samples of the substances to the State Crime Lab, storing additional hazardous waste in a secure location. The agency also sent a chemist to the property on Wednesday morning.

Maiden police was already working with Lincoln County narcotics investigators on an open investigation in the area Tuesday when they spotted the suspicious-looking vehicle, deputies said.

Those charged in the incident included Angela V. Morrissette, 20, and Sara Elizabeth Jackson, 23, both of 3949 Biggerstaff Road, along with  Carissa Rae Morrissette, 21, of 98 Union Street.

All three suspects face one felony of possession and distribution of a meth precursor.

Because deputies located three children inside the home, they additionally charged Jackson and Angela Morrissette each with a misdemeanor charge for child abuse.

Carissa Morrissette is also accused of carrying a concealed weapon.

The women remain behind bars, Angela Morrissette under a $50,000 secured bond and her two alleged counterparts under a $40,000 secured bond apiece.

Family members have since taken in the children, deputies said.


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