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Reader’s Forum — 6-7-13

Call garbage fee what it is
If it looks like a duck….if it walks like a duck….if it quacks like a duck….in all likelihood it is a DUCK! Therefore, let us call this $120 fee for trash pick-up in the city what it really is…IT IS A TAX….A NEW TAX!!!!! We seem to have forgotten that this is a country founded on “taxation without representation.” Oh! You say we were represented?!?! Is it representation when you have people that listen to the citizens voice their concerns and then vote for the exact opposite?
I was at the meeting Monday night, and not one single citizen spoke up in support of the new $120 tax. NO NOT ONE. That evidently does not matter to two of our city council members. I guess they can just draw one more dividend or fill one more tooth to cover it!
City taxes and city spending are out of control. It is no wonder so many people have moved out of the city of Lincolnton in favor of the county (my daughter included, who lives in a bigger house and pays HALF the taxes with only ONE tax on her car).
I have lived my whole life in the city of Lincolnton with the exception of my college years. I love this town. I love walking, biking, and living here. But I don’t know how much longer I can afford to live here. After my 9.1% increase after the last evaluation (when it should have gone down because of the decrease in property value) and now this new tax, it is getting increasingly hard.
In closing I would just like to say that I am sick of the government…local, state, and national…wasting my hard earned money. BUT no one seems to listen to WE THE PEOPLE anymore!!!
Florence Beam

City Council out of touch
It’s pretty clear to me that our majority city council members would probably walk off a cliff if our city manager gave them that advice.  They seem to vote in whatever way Jeff Emory advises them without considering the implications of their votes or the consequences to the taxpayers.  By voting to approve the “sanitation fee,” they have demonstrated that they are unable to manage our tax dollars in a responsible manner, and they have given themselves license to extract additional money from the taxpayers while claiming to have kept the tax rate at its existing level. According to the Lincoln Times-News, Councilmen Heavner and Cloninger see the fee as necessary so the city can “continue offering services to residents without putting the burden on the backs of city employees.”  There are a couple of problems with that statement. First, I pay taxes for city services and have every reason to expect that those services will be provided in a timely and competent manner. Second, I respect and appreciate our hardworking city workers, but performing their duties should not be viewed as “putting a burden on their backs.”
We need a city council that will ask the hard questions, provide fiscally responsible leadership and vote in a way that stimulates our economy rather than drains it. This “sanitation fee” vote shows that our majority city council is out of touch with the taxpayers, and I hope their support of this unnecessary and burdensome fee will be remembered when voters go to the polls.
Sam Ausband, Jr.

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