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Reader’s Forum — 5-20-13

Let’s talk about Toyota
I bought a 2011 Camry at a down-east dealership 30 months ago. The asking price was $21,000. I agreed to the price, provided that tax, tag, title and documents fee was deducted. The dealership agreed and wrote up the deal. I signed the contract without reading the contract. It was 8:30 p.m. and I was tired and I didn’t think the maker of a world-class car would cheat a customer.
To make a long story short, the dealership added in all the fees, a total of $1,067.06. I called the dealership and I talked to my salesman. The man remembered the deal and basically said, “We have a deal and we have a contract which you signed and we will make no refund.” The salesman remembers the terms of the sale and knows full well that I was cheated.
I called the Toyota corporate office and explained what happened. I also explained that I had a witness as to what had happened and I could prove my side of the matter.
Toyota corporate had called by the end of the day and told me that it had been too long.
I would make it right if it had been 10 years, were I Toyota corporate. Perhaps I have a higher standard when it comes to integrity than Toyota.
My next car will be a Honda.

Michael Baker

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