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Many memories of being mothered

Guest columnist

Mother’s Day cards are beautiful. All the roses and butterflies and rhyming verses are some pretty weak stuff for the sentiments that I’d like to send mothers.
I am a mother and I know that others like me who have experienced motherhood are the world’s richest and everyday is mother’s day.
Because with motherhood comes the real pot of gold and this is called GRANDMOTHER. Then if you are really lucky, comes something called GREAT-grandmother.
But Sunday is the day for mothers and no matter how old we are there comes a time when we want to say, “Come and mother me again. I’m weary of being an adult and if you take over, you’ll hear no complaints this time around.”
Age doesn’t wipe out the sense of wanting to be cared for and unconditionally loved. There are many memories of being mothered.
Statistics tell us that the time of role reversal will come and the child will assume responsibility for the parent who will become the child again.
It happens quickly and almost before you know it life has moved you into this stage. But you will never forget those years when mother was there to put things right.
You can yearn for the days when the bills were paid or at least they were not your worry. When there were always clean socks for everyone, and you didn’t have to give laundry a thought; and supper was prepared and on the table and you didn’t have to cook; and beds were clean and ready for sleep and sometimes turned down for the night.
That was only a small part of a mother’s job and today we wonder how she managed to keep clothes clean and food for a large family.
We remember being held and cared for and holding and caring for our own children. These times turn into memories and we treasure them through the years.
That’s a blessing of life. Mothers remember all the good days of having a family to care for. And with the role we accept the job that comes with it.
Being a mother is the world’s best job but it brings many problems that we can’t solve and most of us will have days when things go wrong and whatever our age we will feel like bawling “I want my Mama.”

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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