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Those who serve deserve recognition


Guest Columnist

Memo to all law enforcement officers and firemen:

I heard that you had a party with a romantic theme, classy decorations, delicious food, good company and entertainment to set the mood for a memorable evening.

Your host, Rev. Nathan Grooms said it was a very successful evening with over 100 attending with their spouses.

Nathan who serves as family life pastor at Covenant Bible Church, had led a class called Love’s Journey for over six years. He writes the material for this class aimed at stronger marriages.

He said that the class has been very successful and he often had wanted to give something back to all those who serve Lincoln County, he thought of a banquet just for them.

It was a thoughtful way to show appreciation to our many law officers and firemen. They deserve the support and respect from those who they serve.

The event showed good planning and lots of caring. I can’t order a banquet, but I also would like to show appreciation to others who also serve in many ways.

To even give serious thought to those whose work makes our days safer and better would take some time and then some will likely be missed.

We would put our local educators first and the list would go on and on as there are many who add much to our lives by doing their jobs each day.

How about the library worker who searches for a favorite book, the person who bags our groceries and carries them out to the car, the waitress who keeps our coffee cup filled, and even a good haircut comes from someone who cares.

You can’t forget the doctors, nurses and those who count pills and answer questions at your favorite pharmacy.

And then near the top of the list are friends and neighbors who are available during the good times and show up to help when needed.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the

Lincoln Times-News.

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