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Denver fire department fundraiser

Contributed A group of Denver firefighters stand with Moonshiner Tim and one of his lieutenants from Climax Fire Department.

A group of Denver firefighters stand with Moonshiner Tim and one of his lieutenants from Climax Fire Department.

On Monday, April 22, 2013 Denver Fire Department hosted a fundraising event to benefit several fire and EMS departments near West, Texas. These fire departments were devastated in mid-April when 11 fire and EMS responders were killed in the line of duty while fighting a local fertilizer plant fire. Many people from the Denver community came out and participated in this fundraiser. The event raised a total of $1,005 for the families and departments of those fallen heroes.
This fundraising event was part of a larger coordinated effort that is being headed up by Discovery Channel’s hit TV show “Moonshiners” star, Tim Smith. Moonshiner Tim, as he is known as on the show, is actually the fire chief for Climax Volunteer Fire Department in Chatham, Va. Once Tim and his firefighters saw the level of devastation that these affected fire departments were exposed to, they knew that they wanted to do something. He and his men quickly came up with a plan to set off on the road for a whistle-stop type tour of the south and collect donations along the way for those impacted families and fire departments. They set off on this adventure Monday morning, April 22, from the Climax Volunteer Fire Department. A noteworthy point about this effort is that Tim and those with him are doing this on their own time. This represents the true giving, caring and self-less nature of this man and all of those with him.
Denver Fire Department was the second scheduled stop on this whistle-stop fundraising tour. This cause means a lot to Denver firefighters because the similarities between West, Texas, and Denver, N.C., are many. The population protected and potential hazards faced in this jurisdiction are close to those encountered in that small Texas town. Within one mile from the Denver Fire Department headquarters station are three bulk propane storage facilities with multiple 30,000-gallon liquid propane tanks on their respective properties. Citizens in the Denver area can take reassurance that these facilities are inspected often and that the department’s firefighters have received training on how to deal with these types of emergencies.
If anyone would like to donate to these departments and families, they may do so by mailing a check or money order to:
c/o West Texas Fire
and EMS Fallen Hero Fund
P.O. Drawer 498
Emmitsburg, MD 21727

Image courtesy of KaAnSuli | Lincoln Times-News

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