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Local pols attend Senior Center event

Staff Writer

Lincoln County’s delegation to the North Carolina General Assembly was in town Friday for the Aging at Home Advocacy Day event at the Senior Center.
N.C. Rep. Jason Saine and Sen. David Curtis were invited to attend the event, which is recognized statewide and designed, said Lincoln County Senior Services Director Marti Hovis, to show the value of community-based Home and Community Care Block Grant (HCCBG) services.
Saine said the county’s Senior Services staff works hard making sure to keep both himself and Curtis apprised of the issues that face local seniors, many of which were discussed Friday. These included tax reform, access to services that the state can provide to assist with and assure a better quality of life for seniors, as well as government waste.
Both Curtis and Saine believe reforming the tax system, which is expected to be a hot topic moving forward, could have a very positive impact on seniors living on a fixed income if done correctly, and Curtis noted that he understands that most seniors can’t afford a tax increase.
Meanwhile, an update on current legislation and how the budget process is going was also provided by Curtis.
Saine noted that he believes Gov. Pat McCrory’s administration has been making strides in detecting waste within the state government. He has been working with the governor’s new chief information officer in hopes of eliminating any such inefficiencies.
“When we do, we can better take care of our people first,” Saine said.
He also cited findings by State Auditor Beth Wood that have revealed millions of dollars in waste in various state departments.
“We want to make sure that seniors, and all citizens for that matter, have a better quality of life,” Saine said. “We are working to see that we have better planning for the future.”

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