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Beauty spreads across Lincoln County


Guest Columnist

I love the beauty that Mother Nature has spread across Lincoln County. I keep going from window to window to catch another glimpse of the flowering dogwoods around the house.

Open the doors and the brilliant azalea colors shine beneath the trees lending another breath of beauty.

Not only is it in my yard, it’s all across town and spread over the county. It certainly is the season to be watching Mother Nature at work.

The grass is growing, the lawnmowers are roaring and the garden centers are overflowing with flowers and vegetable plants.

Most gardeners know that the weather is warm enough and they’re preparing for summer suppers as they smooth the soil for seeds, onions, tomato plants and other vegetables for some really good eating.

The acres and acres of small grain fields have turned emerald green, showing the earlier work of county farmers who now are plowing other fields preparing for summer crops. Tiny tree buds have burst into green leaves turning bare branches into another spring show.

The apple trees, now in full bloom, are making a beautiful show of white spread over hills around Toluca. Strawberry plants are showing their flowers, but no ripe berries yet.

We’ve weathered another winter and everywhere you go people are welcoming spring and saying they are ready for summer and some outdoor living.

Troubles abound around us, spreads across the country with little we can do to help curb some of the sorrow, sickness and problems others face.

But after a week of heavy news of bombings, death, explosions and shootings, the blessing of spring brings new life and hope for better days.


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