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Friday, April 22, 1983

Sheriff’s deputies get new cruisers

Lincoln County deputies picked up seven new, 1983 Ford LTD Crown Victorias in Raleigh.  The vehicles cost $7,833 each and were powered by eight-cylinder, 5.8-liter engines.


Fruit growers assess loss

Local fruit growers were hit hard by a frost in April, 1983. At a meeting of growers in western Lincoln County, the peach crop was estimated to be a total loss while apple damage was evaluated at 70-80 percent.


School plans aired

Kindergartners and first graders from the South Aspen School were assigned classes at Oaklawn after a fire at South Aspen. The school was never rebuilt.

Friday, April 22, 1993

New EDC director outlines strategy

Phyllis Macdonald was named Lincoln County’s economic development director. Macdonald said she planned to focus on expanding existing industries and  aggressively pursue new industries.
Sharp lauded for professionalism

Outgoing Lincoln County manager Al Sharp was honored for his six years of work as the county’s top staff professional at an event at the Citizens Center.


Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Marine finds stashed cash in Baghdad

Army Staff Sgt. Kenneth Buff, a West Lincoln graduate, and a group of soldiers discovered a cottage in Baghdad that contained $650 million in cash.


Holiday photo is a winner

Cindy Ballard, of Iron Station, was one of three grand-prize winners for Canada Dry’s “Smile and Say Canada Dry” photo contest. Her shot of her family in a winter scene, holding the Canada Dry shield, won the grand prize of $5,000, a digital camera and a digital camcorder.


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