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Turner at home after witnessing bombing



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Morgan Turner, a local teacher and runner in Monday’s deadly marathon race in Boston, was less than a mile from the finish line when she heard the blasts, she said.

While Turner was back safely inside her classroom Tuesday at S. Ray Lowder Elementary School in Lincolnton, her mind could not forget the scene.

“I saw both bombs go off,” she said.

The avid runner and former cross-country and track star at Lincolnton High School and Western Carolina University has never not completed a race, but she has no regrets about stopping short of the finish line in her most recent competition.

“It’s the one time I am so thankful I did not finish,” she said.

Two bombs, now believed to have been carried to the race site inside backpacks, detonated during the marathon, resulting in three deaths and more than 150 injuries, most of which were amputations.

An additional two bombs that did not go off at the event were also located near the finish line, law enforcement officials have said.

Police issued a search warrant in connection to the blasts but did not offer further details. No arrests have been made at this time.

Nearly 20 of the injured individuals, mostly race spectators, were in critical condition immediately following the bombings, area hospitals told the Associated Press.

It remains unclear at this point whether the attack was the result of domestic or international terrorism.

While a fire also broke out Monday at the John F. Kennedy Library down the road from the race site, investigators have yet to confirm if the incident was related to the explosions.

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