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We all change as the numbers add up


Guest Columnist

How old is old? I mean, is old the number of years you have lived, or how you feel and react to what’s going on around you?

Is it when your aches are so troublesome that you wince when you reach for the newspaper or favorite quilt and visits to the doctor have had little effect on your problems?

There comes a time for most of us when things seem to make a big change. It’s been happening all along, but we always thought it was years away.

We take good health for granted, aspirins are for minor aches, and forgetfulness no real problem.

Health brings a freedom that few of us realize until we no longer have it.

Your keys and glasses are not lost only misplaced and it takes time to search pockets, tables, and cabinet tops when you can’t remember putting them down. But there comes a time when it begins to be a real problem if you are going somewhere and you have to keep searching until you find your keys and there are your glasses.

I have a solution to the missing eyeglasses problem. Put a pair of readers in every room. I found that most of my earlier prescription glasses were readers and I hunted them up and put a pair everywhere I would need to check size, read a recipe, or look up a phone number.

Or, if you have already sent your old glasses to the Lions Club, they really are cheap at the economy stores.

Usually if you are getting out of the car, you’ve got your keys in your hand. Unlock the house door and put the keys in your purse where you already have a pair of readers. So when you want to go again, grab your pocketbook and you’re ready to go.

I learned early that’s one way of licking that pesky problem.

There’s many other ways of turning those numbers into something besides problems and grumbles. Not everyone loses keys and such, but this is for those who do.

But it takes some strength to count your blessings when your problems start appearing at the top of the list.

And it’s true. Sometimes, it seems that aging well is a great gift that only went to others.

I know a lady in the North Brook area who celebrated her 90th birthday by getting her driver’s license renewed. Several years later she threw herself a birthday party by ordering refreshments and inviting her many friends to help celebrate.

The last I heard she was still getting around on her own. She has the great gift and has used it well. Life has not always treated her well, but she accepted, dealt with it and kept going.

To most of us life is a great gift, no matter what the numbers tell us. Sometimes it’s easy to count our blessings.

Some days we need a reminder.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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