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Reader’s Forum — 4/10/13

Thanks to American Legion Post 30
Thank you to Dale Punch and the American Legion Post 30 for the wonderful program honoring WWII veterans.
Thanks also to Captain Randy Cash Chaplain and Major General Thomas Sadler for their remarks.
Also, thanks to Ms. Brooke Baldwin for a remarkable rendition of the Star Spangle Banner.
The WWII victory medals given to us from a grateful nation and all the caring people in Lincolnton was truly amazing.
This Vet says we live in the greatest country in the world.
Let’s keep it that way.
God Bless the USA.
 Lewis H. Swartwout

Denver car insurance customers beware
My son took his daughter to Rock Springs School on Feb. 26, getting in the long line of traffic to drop her off in front of the school in the cold rain following the school parking lot guidelines for dropping off children. When she got out of the car he pulled on Hwy 16, looking both ways before merging in the traffic to avoid hitting cars going north and south on the busy highway.
To his surprise, when he pulled into traffic a lady and her son walked in front of his moving vehicle. The lady chose to park across the street and walk her son across three lanes of traffic in the cold, pouring down rain to avoid sitting in the long lines to let her son get out at the front door of the school like everyone else that abides by the rules. The principal has told parents on numerous occasions to either get in line or park on the same side of the road the school is on so their children will be safe and not be involved in an accident.
Thank goodness the lady and her son were not killed because my son would have to live with this the rest of his life.
The state trooper came and my son was not issued a ticket because he did not do anything wrong.
The pedestrian who chose to put her son’s life in danger walking across three lanes of traffic during school rush hour did not get a ticket either.
Now for the rest of the story:
The lady got a lawyer so she can sue State Farm Insurance Company and benefit from the accident. State Farm has chosen to settle out of court and give money to this lady which would be fine if that is what an insurance company wants to do but why would they give money and reward someone who does not abide by rules and punish my son by putting three insurance points on his insurance. Guess what – that means his insurance will go up because he took his daughter to school on Feb 26. The lady will be rewarded for not obeying rules.
If you have State Farm Insurance I would consider checking other insurance coverage since they will not stand behind their customers on something like this – what would happen if something terrible happens and you are insured by them.
 Gaynell Beacham
 Denver NC

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