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Marijuana, firearms seized from Stanley property where children died



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Deputies said they seized marijuana and firearms from the home of the Stanley man the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating regarding the death of two children who were buried alive inside a massive pit Sunday evening on his property.

Deputies interviewed Jordan Keely Arwood, 31, of Cedarbrook Court, on Monday in order to retrieve more details in a case that has shocked the local community and even gained national news media coverage in the last day and a half.

Arwood had been operating a backhoe in connection to a construction project behind his house when his daughter and nephew, who were playing together, ventured into a more than 20-foot pit he had been digging on the eastern Lincoln County property.

 Moments later, the trench collapsed, sending heavy clay dirt on top of the children, ages 6 and 7, deputies said.

Arwood witnessed the incident and immediately contacted 911, the Times-News previously reported.

Fire crews, search and rescue teams and medics from across four different counties flocked to the site to rescue the children. Hours later, the effort became a recovery mission.

It remains a mystery as to why the man was constructing the large hole, the Sheriff’s Office said, however, according to neighbors’ comments to various other news media outlets in the area, Arwood was crafting some sort of underground bunker.

As the investigation continues, deputies said they have learned the man did not have county permits to build on the property.

In addition, due to Arwood’s felony history, the guns officers discovered at his residence on Monday were illegally owned. They also located a marijuana plant at the home.

Friends and family held a prayer vigil in memory of the children at a local church Monday night.

No charges have been filed in the case at this time.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate the fatal incident.


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