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Two children killed in construction site accident in eastern Lincoln County


Staff reports


Officials with Lincoln County Emergency Management said a rescue operation for two children, who were trapped underground when a dirt wall at a home construction site collapsed on Sunday in Stanley, was called off and the victims are believed to have perished.

Fire departments from across the region were on the scene of the residential construction site on Cedarbrook Court, assisting in the rescue operation that was transitioned into a “recovery phase” late Sunday evening.

The father at least one of the victims, whom fire officials said are a six-year-old girl and seven-year-old boy, witnessed the incident, according various reports.

Rescue crews from numerous neighboring counties responded to the scene with shovels and other emergency gear to rescue the children but, just before 10 p.m., fire officials said they turned the operation into a recovery effort, digging for the children’s bodies.

East Lincoln Fire Department was the first agency to arrive, roughly seven minutes after the father called 911.

Dion Burleson, Denver Fire Department’s public information officer, called the incident “tragic.”

“It’s a tragic night here in Lincoln County,” he told the Times-News.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an investigation into the incident.


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