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Just thinking about spring cleaning

Guest columnist

Peter Cottontail hopped along the bunny trail this Easter weekend and left behind enough blooming Bradford Pear trees to keep us sneezing for a while.
There’s a hint of spring when the blooms arrive and the tickle in your throat is a reminder to search for the allergy pills.
It’s also time for spring cleaning or at least give it some thought. Just thinking about it is tiring. How to go about it is enough to keep putting it off.
Will we paint this season, or will we wash spots off the walls? Will we replace window treatments, or will we just shake off the dust?
Where to start takes some planning. Could we get rid of that stack of magazines and books that are getting old and haven’t been read yet?
Those magazines have some recipes in them that I thought I would try someday. Can’t remember what they were or in which magazine, but they sounded so good. Then I remember that I no longer like to cook.
It makes the kitchen messy and always makes too much for two people and is not good enough to pass on to the neighbors.
Many of the books came from the library’s annual fall sale. Each sale I add some to my collection. I don’t want to be stranded at home with nothing to read. So I save them and still go to the library for the new books or check the Kindle and see what it has for free this week.
Am I strong enough to ditch my stuff? Cleaning the kitchen cabinets would be easier if I got rid of all the dishes that I don’t use anymore. Clearing the shelves and keeping the useful ones would make a big difference.
Why do I keep the unused dishes? Some belonged to my mother and grandmother. Now what do you do with this stuff that holds all those memories? My first set of china that I used very few times. I can’t give it away. Everyone has special dishes for company, but if used they have to be hand-washed before and after meals.
How often do we have company for a meal? Not so often that I break out the family china.
Sometimes we use paper products because disposal is easy. More often we meet at a restaurant nearby.
Sooner or later some of this stuff will have to go. But not this week after leaving those dreary winter days behind, the sunshine makes it easy to forget about spring cleaning.

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