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Thanks to a Good Samaritan

This is a “thank you” to the anonymous woman who made my day today.

On March 27, while running several errands, my husband and I were in the Lincoln County Tax Office. Unknown to me, my earring fell off while we were in the building. I didn’t notice the loss until several hours later. We searched inside and out at our home, without success.

Today, my husband gallantly set out on what I assumed would be a futile mission, to retrace our stops in search of my earring, which was a birthday present from him. When he got to the tax office and showed the clerks the remaining earring, they immediately produced the mate, telling him that a woman had spotted it on the floor and turned it in.

Unfortunately, they didn’t know her name, so I’m unable to thank her for her act of kindness.

So, Kind Lady, if you see this letter, know that your act is greatly appreciated!

Janet Taylor


Return the cross

I am writing this in regards to whoever took the solar cross off of my husband John Painter’s grave at Forest Lawn.

I think it is sad that a person can’t honor their loved one, unless someone ruins it. I hope whoever took it is enjoying it, but if they have a conscience at all, they will put it back.

Lujean Painter


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