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Results — 3-29-13

North Lincoln defeated Lincolnton 9-1 on Thursday.
Justin Norton pitched a complete game in the win for North Lincoln with 13 strikeouts, two hits and one walk.
Norton went 2-3 at the plate with two RBIs. Jimmy Scott went 1-3 with a two-RBI double and Bryan Seymour went 1-3 with an RBI.

West Lincoln beat Ashbrook 5-2 on Thursday.
Dalton Towery picked up the win on the mound for West Lincoln. Chandler Jenkins earned the save.
Brett Huff, Jenkins, Ethan Bumgarner and Cody Dellinger all had hits. Dellinger and Alec Johnson both had RBIs.

East Lincoln (9-3, 6-1 SPC) defeated Cherryville 6-3 on Thursday.
Nick Savoie earned the win on the mound for East Lincoln with five innings pitched and five strikeouts. Chris Cox pitched two innings in relief and gave up one run on four hits.
Clay Hodges led East Lincoln at the plate with two hits, a run scored and an RBI. Danny Sullivan had one hit with a run scored and an RBI.

North Lincoln fell to Hickory 7-2 on Wednesday.

East Lincoln defeated North Lincoln 4-1 on Tuesday.

West Lincoln defeated Cherryville 6-5 on Wednesday.

Lincoln Charter defeated Queens Grant 3-1 on Tuesday.
Tori Jackson, Rachel Medina and Caitlin Miller scored for Lincoln Charter. Miller logged two assists.

Lincoln Charter won a match with Christ the King 196-205 on Tuesday.
Luke Keever shot a 45 to lead Lincoln Charter. Evan Brown scored a 47 and Kris Brown scored a 49.

West Lincoln defeated Lake Norman Charter 3-2 on Thursday.
Rylee Marsh pitched a complete game with five strikeouts and six hits. Courtney Clark, Brittany Ormand and Marsh all logged an RBI apiece for West Lincoln in the team’s seven-hit effort.

North Lincoln defeated Lincolnton 10-0 on Thursday.
Payton Bruce led North Lincoln’s 13-hit effort with three singles and an RBI. Macie Parker went 2-3 and Kendall Caskey went 2-3 with two RBIs.
Peyton Wilson won the game on the mound with nine strikeouts and three hits.

East Lincoln defeated Cherryville 8-5 on Wednesday.

West Lincoln defeated East Lincoln 5-1 on Tuesday.
Rylee Marsh pitched a complete game for West Lincoln with six strikeouts and helped her own cause with two hits and an RBI. Madison Ferguson and Kennedy Prorock both had two hits for West Lincoln.

North Lincoln defeated Cherryville 1-0 on Tuesday.
Courtney Trickle went 2-3 with a home run to lead North Lincoln at the plate. Peyton Wilson got the win on the mound with 11 strikeouts. Trickle led North Lincoln’s defense with 11 put outs.

North Lincoln (8-1, 2-0 SPC) defeated Highland Tech 6-3 on Thursday.

Jon Alliss (HT) d. Evan Peaire (NL)  6-3, 6-3
Aaron Marlowe (HT) d. Riley Jones (NL)  6-2, 6-7 (4)
Devin Brown (NL) d. Matthew Iezzi (HT)  6-2, 6-3
Brendan D’Amato (NL) d. Austin Lowery (HT)  6-0, 6-3
Ryan Hoxmeier (NL) d. Brian Liberatore (HT)  6-1, 6-4
Justin Sherwood (NL) d. Sam Amarasinghe (HT)  6-4, 6-3

Peaire/Jones (NL) d. Marlowe/Iezzi (HT)  10-5
Alliss/Lowery (HT) d. Brown/D’Amato (NL)  10-4
Hoxmeier/Sherwood (NL) d. Amarasinghe/ Preston Marisiddaiah (HT)  10-2

Senior bowling
Final winter session results
March 28
High game Scratch: Roger Kerley 245, Val Casey 209; year to date: Ralph Dutcher 279, Ken Fair 279, Nelia Winters 231
High Series Scratch: Roger Kerley 684, Val Casey 494; year to date: Ken Fair 719, Nelia Winters 586
High Game HC:  Roger Kerley 247, Val Casey 264; year to date: Ralph Dutcher 294, Joyce Allum 272
High Series HC: Roger Kerley 690, Val Casey 659; year to date: Bob Huss 768, Doris Bowlin 732
High Average: Ken Fair 214, Nelia Winters 161

Grady’s Gems 135–97 Dag Smith, Juanita Wallace, Ken Fair, Grady Pate (champions)
Bob’s Bullets 124–108 Elaine Beal, George Allum, A D Shidal, Bob Goodson
Donna’s Delites 123–109 Chris Sanford Sr., Doris Heafner, Loyd Wallace, Donna Bowlin

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