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Many tests, but no answer to pain

Guest columnist

Testing, testing, and testing.
That’s what last week was to me. I have written about being in the emergency room, but when there’s nowhere else to turn, it’s the last resort for many of us.
We’re not the only ones who go there most of the time, the waiting room has many folks waiting.
Pain doesn’t know about office hours and when it hits and a doctor is needed you can find one at all hours.
I call this the winter of our misery, not only at our house but for many others with one thing after another bringing aches and pains and even sorrow for some.
Do not, and I repeat DO NOT, have pain that could be a gall bladder problem without the stones. You can have the pain in the right place, but when no stones are found it takes days in the hospital and many tests before being told that it is not a gall bladder problem.
And that means that you still have the pain but no answer. So, after several days, I left the hospital with a pain patch and was told to rest a lot.
The spring season is officially here, but how would we know it with the past week’s cold weather and area mountains covered with snow.
Let’s pretend that the cold spell before Easter was the last one this season and the weekend’s warmer weather is here to stay.
Never have I ever wanted more to see flowers bloom and hear lawn mowers roaring. Surely these germs that float around and land on me will fade away for another season.
Dogwoods budding and some warmer weather make us believe that soon it could be true.
Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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