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Police target drug offenders in morning roundup




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While roads remained quiet and many across town nestled in their beds Thursday morning, Lincolnton Police prowled the city rounding up nearly 30 suspects accused of drug-related crimes.

Operation “Rock Bottom” commenced at 6 a.m. following an officer briefing at police headquarters.

Head of the operation, Lt. Brian Greene, told the Times-News the agency secured arrest warrants for 26 individuals, most of whom are prescription drug offenders.

Chief Rodney Jordan was also on-hand Thursday, assisting his men in handcuffing the alleged criminals. He noted abuse of pharmaceuticals is a common practice these days.

“It seems to be a trend,” he said.

Jordan advised area residents to rid their homes of out-of-date prescription pills or ones no longer being used by doctors’ orders and prevent friends and other family members within a home from potentially abusing them.

People can anonymously drop off pills, and other medical-related items such as syringes and ointments, during the week at a drop box located at the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

“That’s how it starts–with prescription pills lying around the house,” Jordan said.

The Times-News rode along with detectives and other officers during part of the initiative, picking up five people among stops at a Keener Road residence, an apartment complex on Mauney Drive and Hillcrest Apartments on East Main Street.

By 9 a.m., police revealed at least 16 individuals had already been hauled off to the county Magistrate’s Office before heading to jail, including two suspects officers picked up at the last minute on non-drug-related charges.

Police said they learned about two warrants, one each for failure to appear and a revoked license, against one of the men not originally targeted in the effort after arresting one of his family members on drug charges.

Sheriff’s detectives and detention officers aided police in Thursday’s roundup.

*Note: The Times-News will publish additional details on the operation along with suspects’ mugshots and charges in Friday’s paper.


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