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Results — 3/27/13

North Lincoln defeated Cherryville 2-1 on Tuesday.

Lincolnton defeated Cherryville 3-0 on Tuesday.

East Lincoln fell to Lake Norman Charter 4-1 on Monday.

North Lincoln fell to Maiden 3-1 on Monday.

North Lincoln defeated Maiden 7-2 on Monday.
AJ Key (M) d. Evan Peaire (NL)  8-5
Yeng Yang (M) d. Riley Jones (NL)  8-6
Devin Brown (NL) d. Neil Yang (M)  8-2
Brendan D’Amato (NL) d. Trevor Wilson (M)  8-1
Ryan Hoxmeier (NL) d. Tyler Steelman (M)  8-0
Justin Sherwood (NL) d. Noah Williams (M)  8-2
Peaire/Jones (NL) d. Yang/Yang (M)  8-5
Brown/D’Amato (NL) d. Key/Steelman (M)  8-0
Hoxmeier/Sherwood (NL) d. Wilson/Williams (M)  8-2

North Lincoln defeated East Lincoln 9-0 on Tuesday.
Evan Peaire (NL) d. Derek Hilbert (EL)  6-0, 6-0
Riley Jones (NL) d. Tucker Dowell (EL)  6-2, 6-1
Devin Brown (NL) d. Wesley Collins (EL)  6-1, 6-1
Brendan D’Amato (NL) d. Carlos Carcia (EL)  6-1, 6-2
Ryan Hoxmeier (NL) d. Shane Estridge (EL)  6-0, 6-1
Justin Sherwood (NL) d. Chase Fenske (EL)  6-0, 6-0
Peaire/Jones (NL) d. Hilbert/Dowell (EL)  8-5
Brown/D’Amato (NL) d. Collins/Garcia (EL)  8-5
Hoxmeier/Sherwood (NL) d. Estridge/Fenske (EL)  8-0

Lake Norman Charter took the top spot with a score of 155 at a Southern Piedmont 1A/2A Conference golf match at the Lincoln Country Club, hosted by West Lincoln, on Monday.
North Lincoln finished second with a score of 158, followed by Lincolnton’s 161. West Lincoln finished fourth with a score of 158 and East Lincoln took sixth at 191.
North Lincoln’s Grant Studdard shot a 37 for a second-place finish, behind Highland Tech’s Aaron Thomas (36). West Lincoln’s Mason McConnell also shot a 37. Will Saine shot a 39 as the Wolves’ top finisher in ninth place. Hayden Duggins scored a 45 to lead East Lincoln.

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