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County considers grants for RATO



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Various grants and incentives for Denver Global Products, acquired by China-based RATO as a subsidiary last year, will receive the attention of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners during tonight’s meeting.

Following a public hearing to discuss the potential project, commissioners will consider N.C. Rural Center Economic Development and Community Development Block Grant applications, in addition to local incentives, for the company.

The requested funding would go toward water and sewer infrastructure improvements, with public improvements estimated to cost $855,050 in total and private improvements targeted at $92,500.

The county is also being requested to grant an additional $4,625 in local incentives to bolster those previously approved.

Resolutions to be brought before the board include those regarding the application for private and public grants, capital ordinances for the grant funds, a performance agreement, a loan-performance agreement, a memorandum of understanding and a modified local incentive agreement.

As the Times-News previously reported, part of the county’s incentive package to lure the company here included a waiver of water and sewer capacity development fees.

The company announced in October its plans to locate its manufacturing, distribution and research and development operations in Lincoln County, bringing with it hundreds of jobs over the next few years.

Should the county sign off on the various requests, Denver Global Products will be obligated to invest more than $30 million for the construction of its industrial campus, planned as a 400,000-square-foot facility on a 109-acre site off N.C. 16 near Airlie Business Park in Denver.

The company, which is requesting the start date for construction on its campus be pushed back from March 31 to July 31, will also have to create at least 350 new jobs over the next two years, with that number ultimately expected to reach almost 600.

Prior to the regular meeting, the Board of Commissioners will receive an annual report from the local Cooperative Extension Office at 5 p.m. in the demonstration kitchen on the first floor of the Citizens Center.

The regular meeting, which is open to the public, will then reconvene on the third floor at 6:30 p.m.

Other items on tonight’s Board of Commission meeting agenda include:

A public hearing concerning the Community Development Block Grant for the renovation of the historic Oaklawn building will be conducted.

Commissioners will consider a contract in the amount of $63,635 for the renovation of the Jonas Library’s parking lot.

Commissioners will consider moving forward with the purchase process of a 2014 Volvo roll-off hoist and tarp vehicle for Lincoln County Solid Waste, costing roughly $150,249.

Commissioners will weigh a contract in the amount of $104,350 for the design, bidding and construction management of the East Lincoln Rescue Park. As the Times-News previously reported, the project is to be partially funded by a $352,432 North Carolina Parks and Recreation Trust Fund matching grant, which was received in October. The Denver Lake Norman Rotary Club Foundation will be providing the dollar-for-dollar match for the grant, with the county overseeing the bidding for the construction, as aligned with purchase guidelines.

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