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‘Gospel’ good afternoon entertainment


Guest Columnist

Well, I got a second chance to see the Theatre Guild’s production of the “Cotton Patch Gospel” on Sunday afternoon.

What singing, what acting, what voices and what memories the cast can share of this great performance.

The band and many in the show would get my vote for their role. I made an effort to compliment the players on their talents and their willingness to give the practice time for the show. I know it was not an overnight undertaking.

But I would give the Tony Award to “John” for his role as an old-time southern preacher. I told him afterward that he must have seen some tent preaching because he had it about right.

It was a good entertainment for a Sunday afternoon and I was pleased to see so many in the audience.

I was ready for some time with friends out of the house. The sick bug had kept me close home for several weeks. But I found out that I can still drive and know my way around town.

Many stories abound about friends who are not over some wretched illness, or have other problems to live with.

One friend said that she was sick all through the month of January. I guess that means it takes a month to shed all these germs.

Several days of this beautiful sunshine will bring better days, if something else doesn’t hit where it hurts.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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