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Things are seldom normal at my house


Guest Columnist

I am beginning to be on a first name basis with many of the folks at CMC-Lincoln as I have made my second appearance within a short time. I am proud of our hometown hospital, but I don’t want to visit that often.

After my pneumonia bout I thought that I would take it easy and soon we would return to a normal routine here at home.

But things are never normal at my house and abnormal bumps usually follow us around. And life still has some surprises. Before I could say I can do my own grocery shopping, I was following an ambulance to the hospital with my husband inside.

But a couple of days of excellent care and he was sent home to recoup. That sometimes takes longer than we like. We were told that the best thing for recovery is to settle down and take it easy for a couple of weeks.

While many friends are calling to wish us well, we are getting news about others who are sick.

We are also getting news from around town about things other than sickness. That is good to know because being shut up in the house where counting pills is one of the big events of the day, you need outside news. Living like this could make you forget where you put your shoes.

If I had felt up to it, I could have joined my friends for a trip to Valdese for the weekend production of Fiddler on the Roof. Or I could have taken advantage of the free admission (for senior citizens) for the Sunday musical Cotton Patch Gospel at the Cultural Center.

The list of things I want to do gets longer. Will I ever get them done? Probably not. The wallpaper will look better when I’m not sitting here looking at it all day long.

I wouldn’t be washing windows even if I wasn’t sick. I planned to purge closets for the past couple of years. Couldn’t get around to that either.

Books are spilling from shelves, tables and corners and for some time I’ve wanted to box them up to give away, or take to the Habitat Restore. But time never seems right to give away my books.

This plan of what to do “when I’m feeling better” is worthless.

I’ll just make another what to do list for later: Meet friends for lunch, sort books and return overdue ones to the library, push clothes to side and put good pants in middle of closet, get pedicure and go shopping.

Now this sounds kind of like the kind of normal that I like at my house.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.


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