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Deputies say man illegally photographed ex-wife

Staff Writer

A southeastern Lincoln County man secretly took photos of his ex-wife showering at her new residence, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Leslie Eugene Mason, 46, of 7309 Killarney Drive in Stanley, allegedly photographed the woman after they split in June 2011, however, it wasn’t until earlier this month, that deputies said she discovered the photos while on his computer.

The Sheriff’s Office said the victim downloaded photos from Mason’s computer five months after the couple separated. At the time, she believed the images were of their family but told deputies she couldn’t view them on her computer due to a technical issue.

It wasn’t until she returned to her ex-husband’s home this month that she opened the disc of photos on his computer and saw images of herself entering and exiting the shower, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Mason has since posted a $5,000 secured bond but still faces a felony charge for secretly peeping into a room occupied by a female.

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