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Reader’s Forum — 3-4-13

Welcome to the Sequester Apocalypse
The Sequester Deadline has passed.  The future is uncertain, bleak with no creditable confidence in the growth of our economy.
Who is at fault?  I know the answer. They are in Washington, D.C.
I am angry, outraged and greatly disappointed in the officials whom we elected. We are being punished because they failed to reach agreement on a deficient deal.
Why? Because one side wants the other side to lose; and worse, they want to rub the loser’s nose in the loss.
I have the answer:  put the leaders of both parties in a room, lock the door and tell them to resolve the so-called Sequester Apocalypse issues and debt problem before they are released.
Oh, yes, you will order lunch from a fast food. By the way … your salary is being cut for every day of your sequester.
Now who is laughing?

Don Ballard,

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