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Flu vaccine is better than nothing

Guest columnist

When I wrote last week’s column about being sick, I didn’t know that this awful virus was sweeping the area like a broken broom.
I certainly wasn’t the only one who wound up flat on her back at home or in the hospital. Many called to offer help and relay word about other friends and neighbors who were suffering too.
A government study reported that the flu shot seemed to do little to protect people older than 65 from the worst and most dominant flu strain spreading around. And when that flu turns to pneumonia, there is trouble ahead.
But health experts said the vaccine was better than nothing.
Older people with worn-out immune systems have a harder time escaping viruses. And by the time we hit 65 and gaining, we have tested a few illnesses.
I didn’t have to read that, to know it. We are out there just waiting for the germs to fall.
A trip back to the doctor confirmed my belief that recovery is often slow. He said several more weeks and I should be feeling much better.
I’m trying, but I don’t suffer well and certainly not silently. So I guess I’ll just bundle up and make the best of it. Being among those who have much needed help, I am very thankful.
For friends who call, send get-well cards and arrive with a steaming bowl of hot corn chowder, for neighbors who bring mail and papers to the door — you top the list.
My reclining lift chair has become my best friend and sometimes now that I feel like holding a book, I am beginning to like to read again. But my PC is my outlet and I can’t let it alone. So for all of you who say you like reading this, here’s another dispatch from the backroom. Now I can rest better today.
I guess this lousy weather is a good thing for me now. I have no urge to get out in it. But there’s hope ahead.
Robins have been seen pecking around in the backyard. Daffodils are blooming and we’ve just waved February goodbye.
Come on March. Let’s get with it and welcome an early spring.
Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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