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Board of Education conducts closed session

Managing Editor

The purpose of Tuesday’s special called meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Education has been clarified by the board’s attorney, but other details remain unknown because the entire meeting was conducted in closed session.
Although the session comes on the heels of Director of Facilities and Construction Darrell Gettys’ resignation last week amid published allegations of misconduct, and follows speculation by at least one board member that such a session would be necessary as a result, the Times-News has not been able to confirm how the topic discussed in the meeting related to that situation or that it did at all.
Shortly after convening at 6 p.m., board members moved to go into closed session, voting unanimously with only Bob Silver absent. They emerged an hour later, said they were taking no action on whatever was discussed and then adjourned.
In explaining the closed session, acting board attorney Dean Shatley cited a different provision of state statutes than had been cited in the notice for the meeting issued late Friday.
Shatley confirmed to the Times-News after the session that it was conducted for the purpose of maintaining the confidentiality of protected personnel records. State law makes improper disclosure of such personnel records a misdemeanor.
The original posting of the meeting cited a provision of state law that would allow a closed session for the discussion of reasons for hiring, disciplining or terminating an employee. Shatley said none of those were discussed during the closed session.

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