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Club News — 2-20-13

Priscilla Book Club has first meeting of 2013
The Priscilla Book Club’s first meeting of 2013 was hosted by Judy Holland at her home. After a dessert, President Kay Barefoot opened the meeting with New Year’s greetings and historical information about the Battle of Fort Fisher, which occurred Jan. 15, 1865. The fall of Fort Fisher led to General Lee’s surrender four months later.
The treasurer’s report and minutes were read.
January program leader, Lynda Flowe, led the group back 232 years to Colonial America and a discussion of Robert Morgan’s book, “Brave Enemies.” This historical fiction book, written by North Carolinian Robert Morgan, gives insight into the life of colonists who labored to clear the land in the Carolina upcountry. Main characters, Josie Summers and John Trethman, are portrayed as brave colonists who are faced with the perils of a war in which they did not believe. Josie and John are caught in the chaos and war raging in the wilderness as British forces infiltrated the forests and pillaged their farm. Robert Morgan’s knowledge of the terrain of upcountry North Carolina and the War for Independence aids in making “Brave Enemies” a book to read about the struggle to build a homeland during such desperate times.
President Barefoot closed the meeting with a reference to a notable North Carolinian, Scotty Wiseman, who died in January. The group enjoyed hearing a recording of ”Brown Mountain Lights,” written by Scotty Wiseman.
Sarah Lantz is host of the February meeting of the Priscilla Book Club.

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