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Results — 1/25/13

Boys basketball
Lake Norman Charter beat Lincolnton 70-39 on Thursday.

Cherryville defeated North Lincoln 85-66 on Thursday.
Landon Yarbrough led North Lincoln with 16 points and 10 rebounds. Hunter Caldwell scored 15 and Terrel McClain added 11 points.

Bessemer City defeated Lincoln Charter 39-36 on Wednesday.

Girls basketball
Lincoln Charter beat Bessemer City 58-48 on Wednesday.
Mary Canipe scored a team-high 12 points for Lincoln Charter. Catilin Miller added 11 points and Kirsten Camp scored 10 points.

Wednesday: South Point (SOPO) 51.0 North Lincoln (NOLI) 30.0
106: Daniel Auten, SOPO, pinned Cody Land, NOLI, 1:07.
113: Ryan Barbieri, NOLI, pinned Andrew Cagle, SOPO, 2:21.
120: Luke Karagias, SOPO, pinned Luke Waldron, NOLI, 0:35.
126: Conner Chroback, NOLI, pinned Marcas Sox, SOPO, 0:24.
132: Tyler Davis, SOPO, dec. Grayson Hull, NOLI, 14-8.
138: Austin Barlow, SOPO, pinned Adam Wersching, NOLI, 1:45.
145: Carter Woodby, NOLI, forf.
152 Connor Owensby, SOPO, pinned Kyle Drum, NOLI, 1:11.
160: Matthew Stephens, SOPO, pinned Charles Magro, NOLI, 3:46.
170: Michael Hayes, SOPO, pinned Zachary Avery, NOLI, 1:46.
182: Patrick Holden, NOLI, forf.
195: Stephen Carrilier, SOPO, pinned Hayden Beal, NOLI, 1:02.
220: Jimmy Scott, NOLI, forf.
285: Trenton Ballard, SOPO, pinned Casey Gamble, NOLI, 1:09.

Wednesday: South Mecklenburg (SOME) 66.0 North Lincoln (NOLI) 15.0
106: Cody Land, NOLI, pinned Nathan Brown, SOME.
113: Collin Stewart, SOME, pinned Ryan Barbieri, NOLI.
120: Andy Moore, SOME, pinned Luke Waldron, NOLI.
126: Blake Barber, SOME, pinned Conner Chroback, NOLI.
132: Klevar Mason, SOME, pinned Grayson Hull, NOLI.
138: Brett Barber, SOME, pinned Adam Wersching, NOLI.
145: Joseph Coss, SOME, pinned Carter Woodby, NOLI.
152: Jacob Norby, SOME, pinned Kyle Drum, NOLI.
160: Harrison Stewart, SOME, pinned Charles Magro, NOLI.
170: Tyler Gura, SOME, pinned Zachary Avery, NOLI.
182: Patrick Holden, NOLI, dec. Louis Esposito, SOME.
195: Zane Aouane, SOME, pinned Hayden Beal, NOLI.
220: Danny Gonzalez, SOME, pinned Jimmy Scott, NOLI.
285: Casey Gamble, NOLI, pinned Seth Mann, SOME.

Tuesday: Lincolnton (LINC) 42.0 Cherryville (CHER) 34.0
106: Raheem Moore, LINC, forf.
113: Anthony Stevens, CHER, pinned Quinton Weinrank, LINC.
120: Matt Ryne, CHER, pinned Mark Collins, LINC.
126: Jack Willis, CHER, pinned TJ Queen, LINC.
132: Austin Marlow, LINC, pinned James Barker, CHER.
138: Tanner Jones, CHER, dec. Anthony Roy, LINC, 10-5.
145: Erich Carpenter, CHER, dec. Tanner Cantrell, LINC, 8-7.
152: Chad Smith, LINC, pinned Austin Drum, CHER.
160: Josh Pierce, CHER, pinned Tyler Albright, LINC.
170: Michael Cruz, CHER, maj. dec. Matthew Cabe, LINC, 15-5.
182: William Brown, LINC, pinned Colton Brittain, CHER.
195: Nick Hatchett, LINC, forf.
220: Nolan Shrum, LINC, pinned Oscar Gomez, CHER.
285: Hunter Cline, LINC, pinned Dylan Camp, CHER.

Senior bowling
January 24 Results
High Game Scratch:  Carl Pope 254, Donna Bowlin 175, Helen Shaw 175; Year to date: Ralph Dutcher 279, Nelia Winters 231
High Series Scratch: Ken Fair 693, Donna Bowlin 461, Juanita Wallace 461; Year to date: Ken Fair 713, Nelia Winters 586
High Game HC: Loyd Wallace 261, Brenda Mattox 261; Year to date: Ralph Dutcher 294, Joyce Allum 272
High Series HC: Ken Fair 693, Faye Whiteside 646; Year to date: Bob Huss 768, Helen Shaw 702
High Average:  Ken Fair 213, Nelia Winters 162
Bob’s Bullets 92–68
Lavon’s Leaders 89–71
Grady’s Gems 87–73
Ralph’s Rookies 87–73.

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