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Breakfast brings weather changes


Guest Columnist

Set a date for the Lincoln Times-News annual breakfast and watch the weather wait until the day to get extreme. This year we got rain, downpours much of the day.

In the 39 years that the event has been on the third Thursday, at least 30 of them has meant for weather changes.

Rain, sleet, snow nor foggy mornings does not keep many away from the breakfast meeting. I have always enjoyed the annual event and especially now since retirement. It gives me a chance to visit and talk with folks that I don’t often see.

We finished off the family holidays this weekend when our son and his family from Virginia joined the rest of us here. My family is different. It takes most of January for us to complete the holidays.

We are a rowdy bunch when all of us get together. Lots of talk and laughter as we rehash old times and catch up with the latest from each of us.

A big pot of soup and Saturday night supper kept the family fed. Other family and friends joined us and added to the pleasant weekend.

Now I can put away the ceramic Christmas trees until next year. They were all the holiday decorations that we had and I had left them out until the rest of the family came. But I don’t think anyone noticed if they were turned on or not.

Being the matriarch of the family has its advantages. The family still loves my cooking and question little else. Just put the food on the table and don’t burn the bread.

I expect the rest of January to be pretty quiet around our house. Therapy sessions for my shoulder is about all that’s planned.

So bundle for the outdoors, keep snug indoors, read a few good books and soon spring will be right around the corner.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.


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