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Reader’s Forum — 1-23-13

‘No Photo ID’ claims are full of holes
Monday’s “Guest View” editorial from a liberal newspaper conveniently focuses on the first several sentences of the State Board of Elections Voter ID report (available on-line – search for ‘DMV _ SBOE ID Analysis_2013.pdf’ – include the spaces — which you’ll find in multiple places), and ignores the inconvenient details that follow.
Even SBoE put “may” (not have photo ID) in italics.
In the FINE print, SBoE admits that they did an EXACT name match PLUS either a matching Social Security number or License number.
How many people use a nickname, middle name or unmarried name in one database or the other? Even minor mis-spellings would show up as non-matches. My personal experience matching voters with phone lists gets lots of first-pass errors, cleared by address matches, which SBoE did NOT do (its a manual operation).
There are almost the same number of driver licenses issued as voters (within 20,000), and if you remove the 130,000 likely 16 and 17-year olds, that leaves a claim that 480,000 licensed drivers are either felons or non-voters.
Seems unlikely, unless DMV has been issuing many licenses to illegal aliens (they claim they haven’t). And a large number of students from out of state voted here last fall, and would have had to show photo ID and proof of residence to register and wouldn’t be in NC’s license files.
And then, just who doesn’t have a photo ID? Those who have no bank account, don’t collect Social Security, don’t travel on airplanes, don’t own or rent a home, don’t buy a car, don’t cash a check, don’t ever leave the country, or didn’t visit our LAST Governor in her mansion.
I think that leaves perhaps the homeless.
Finally, some real world experience: In March of 2012, Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, reported that Georgia (with just a few more people than NC) had issued only 26,506 free voter photo ID cards in the more than 6 years since the (photo ID) law had been enacted in his State. The opponents of voter photo ID in Georgia had sounded the same false alarms as they do in North Carolina now. Our vetoed law was modeled after Georgia’s.

Martin Oakes,

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