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Water restrictions in place during plant repair

Staff Writer

Beginning a week from today, temporary restrictions will go into effect for Lincoln County water users while repairs are made to the water-treatment plant.
Work to replace an essential piece of equipment at the plant may limit the amount of water available to customers for a short period of time, Lincoln County Public Works recently announced.
As such, the following restrictions will be in place from Jan. 23 through Jan. 27 to control the water supply:

  • No lawn irrigation
  • No filling of pools or topping off pools
  • No car washing or pressure washing at homes
  • No water from fire hydrants for any purpose other than fire fighting or other public emergency

As the Times-News previously reported, the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners recently signed off on improvements to boost the efficiency of the plant, built in 1992.
Funded by the water and sewer capital-improvement budget, the nearly $3.5 million project will result in upgrades to the plant’s mixing and flocculation, chemical-feed equipment, sedimentation basin, pipe gallery and sludge handling.
For more information on the temporary water restrictions, call (704) 736-8497.

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