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How an angel helped Christmas come early



Guest Columnist

Christmas came early for me last month. Where to begin? I guess the beginning the best.

On the seventh day of November, I left my home for a doctor’s appointment. When I left, I said goodbye to my dog Buffy, and when I returned a few hours later, she did not greet me as usual. And she did not come at dark.

By bedtime, I was about nuts. So I called  and called and rode the road here to see if she had been hit or killed. No Buffy.

So I worried and worried and prayed and prayed. She is my sweet baby. She is my companion and she is everything to me. Everyone who know us knows we are meant for each other.

As time went on, I though, OK, I will not give up hope until Christmas. If she is not home by then, she won’t come back.

I knew in my heart of hearts at this point that she must have been taken.

I kept in my heart the hope the hope of them letter her go. I had hopes of her return. I didn’t know she would get penned up. I thought if she was near, she would return home.

But about 13 miles from home, and from West Lincoln to east of Boger City, that’s a long way from home.

She would have never run away from her mama and her home. So time passed and many many tears. I cried like I had lost a child. I felt like it, too.

Then I got to work and put up posters all up and down N.C. 27, west of town, on stores and vets, but never heard a word.

Then, Dec. 7 came along. And I got up as usual. I never forgot her and I missed her every day. I got a phone call from a lady named Kristen. It seems she had a dog penned up and had taken her to the pound and to see if she had a tracking chip, but alas, I didn’t think that was important and didn’t do that for her.

So the lady who works at the pound, Kay, told the woman that she had a picture of Buffy and they compared and thought, yes, that was her. So Kristen called me from work and said, “I think I got your dog.” Beautiful words. And we made arrangements to see the dog that very day.

I got out Buffy’s bedding and put it where she always lay. I just knew all my prayers were going to be answered that day. When we went to see her, yes, it was her and she was as overjoyed as I was. She loved on me until I thought I would never breathe again. It was joy beyond belief. Can you in your wildest imagination, imagine how it was?

So we prepared to get her and bring her home. I offered the lady a minimum gratuity and she refused. Would not take a dime. Said to put it toward a chip for Buffy. And so I will.

Kristen lives in Brookwood, near Forrest Lawn Cemetary. She surely had wings, because, I declare, she is an angel. I feel as if God put Kristen there to take care of my dog. When Buffy came to Kristen’s house, she had lodging and food. She had lost a tiny bit from all the hunting for a home.

This is the best Christmas I ever had in my entire 77 years of life. I can’t tell you how I feel. It is amazing. God surely was good to me and answered my prayers again. I know we pray and hope, but sometimes the answers we receive are “wait” and “no, not yet,” “not good for you.” But this time, it was “wait a little bit and then, yes.” So Buffy and I are so happy.

I pray for the people or person who took her. I can’t accuse, because I can’t prove a thing. A neighbor saw vehicles in front of my house while I was gone and I know what kind they were. But I have no proof. So, I just have to say, “Thank you for not killing her or hurting her. I know she looks like a hunting dog, but she is a household pet – mine.”

This is a wonderful story and every bit true. Isn’t it nice to know there are people who still care for others in this world? I owe my dog to Kristen Stone. And she has wings, so don’t bump her when you walk by. She may break. Thanks again and thanks to Kay at the pound. Thank God most of all, for His blessing on me.

Carolyn Parker is a resident of Lincoln County.



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