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Did you resolve to do better this year?

Guest columnist

This is the first week of the new year. Did you join others with the first day sit down dinner of black-eyed peas and collard greens?
The superstitious tradition of the New Year’s foods is supposed to bring prosperity for the coming year.
How about resolutions? Did you resolve to be a better wife, mother, neighbor, clean closets or lose weight?
Maybe your goal is to save money. If so, you can put that on line with losing weight, because one is just as easy as the other.
I’ve tried the peas and greens before. I know they don’t work, so this year I tried pintos and collards. At last we had a good lunch.
Most of us would like to be a better person. Resolving to be better helps until something we don’t like crosses our path and there we go back to our old ways of blasting our luck.
Cleaning closets are out along with any and every modern or old fashioned diet. But a good time to try to change your eating habits is when all the Christmas cookies and chocolate candy are finished.
How can you deny yourself the pleasure of the melt-in-your mouth fudge that your neighbor makes and shares each year?
What could you give up to save money? Take a good look where your money is going and add it all up.
Squeezing money from insurance, taxes, food and heat is next to impossible especially when you have already been notified that some insurance will be going up along with taxes, food etc.
Few of us older folks have a fun fund. Cutting from our vacation fund is out as health problems have kept us home for years. Traveling across town to doctor’s offices and grocery stores and an occasional lunch out is about as far as we get.
But life is good. We recently celebrated 65 years together and as we give thanks for each other we include family and friends who have made each day better and better.
The falling leaves from the Christmas poinsettias are a good reminder that some things should be tossed out along with bad memories of another year. Box them up and store them with those dimming holiday lights and wilted decorations that cannot be used again.
Take it a day at a time. Are you comfortable with your habits, weight and most everything else that you know you cannot fix?
If so, then you have what it takes to be ready for the new year and whatever it brings.
Kathryn Yarbro is former Managing Editor for the Lincoln Times-News.

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