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Scronce honored as county employee of year


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Lincoln County recently handed out its 2012 “Employee of the Year” award, with this year’s honor going to Senior Grounds Technician Freddie Scronce with the Parks and Recreation Department.

Scronce has been employed by the county since 2006.

He told the Times-News on Friday that the award came as a shock. In fact, he joked, he was about to leave the reception to get back to work when the announcement came.

“It’s an honor to be selected out of that many people,” he added.

He stressed the importance of treating people with respect, while also taking time to thank his fellow staff members.

“If it wasn’t for my crew, we would not have been able to accomplish the things we have been able to do over the last year,” Scronce said.

Employees and supervisors were given the opportunity to make nominations for the award. A selection committee then reviewed the nominations and helped choose the recipient.

This is just the second year that the award has been given out.

A press release from the county announcing the award said Scronce was described in his nomination as “a team player who works tirelessly to make other people’s job easier and their environments more appealing. He is someone who goes the extra mile, even if it is out of his normal duties,” and he is not one to say “not in my job description.”

Some of Scronce’s responsibilities include making sure there are beautiful potted plants throughout the season at the Lincoln County Farmers Market in downtown Lincolnton, meeting community-service workers and supervising their volunteer hours to help improve county property and the general upkeep of the courthouse yards.

This year, he also worked with the Community Garden Project to help others learn about horticulture and gardening.

“We do whatever needs to be done,” he said.

Scronce has also been known to rearrange his work schedule to make sure various departments had all the resources they needed, the release said.

“Another example of Freddie’s good performance and work ethic is his interaction with the Child Advocacy Center,” officials noted. “When it is time to cut the grass at that property, he quietly knocks on the door to find out if any children are there for interviews. He does not want the children to be distracted by the motors or to have the noise interfere with the forensic recordings.”

“He will schedule his day out of concern for the children. He takes special care of the prayer garden at the Child Advocacy Center, knowing that the families spend grief-stricken hours there waiting for their children to complete interviews. It is the small things that mean a lot — they are things that anyone can do — but an outstanding employee takes the time to do them. And Freddie does.”

The award is based on eligibility criteria that stipulates that the employee should display excellence in performance in all of the following on a consistent basis: positive attitude, loyalty, cooperation, initiative, leadership and timely completion of duties. The employee who receives the honor should also consistently go above and beyond what is expected in his or her job or display exceptional merit on a consistent, long-term basis.

The Lincoln County “Employee of the Year” award may also go to an employee who has worked on a single project or who, through an act of exceptional performance, one of the following things has happened: increased department or division productivity or efficiency, a significant cost savings, a significant problem has been resolved or morale and motivation of employees has been increased.

The award was presented at the county’s annual employee-appreciation luncheon at the Citizens Center earlier this month.


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