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Reader’s Forum — 12-26-12

Should Christians bear arms even to defend?

In the wake of the Newtown massacre, I am reminded that I never understand how so much of this country identifies itself as Christian, yet these same people feel the need to arm themselves to the teeth, so that they might have the opportunity to kill someone, before they are killed themselves.
To me, the “kill or be killed” mentality seems to fly directly in the face of the faith by which we are supposed to live.
In my opinion, as Christians, we are called on to set an example of peace and light.  We pray that God will keep us safe, while knowing that bad things sometimes happen.
We understand that humans occasionally use the gift of free will for evil purposes.  We believe that there is a better place where our spirit goes from here.
In the event that a loved one is killed in a criminal manner, we are called upon to rely on our faith that the deceased will find great reward and happiness in the arms of God, and that those left behind will slowly heal with Jesus’ help, always keeping the lost ones alive in our memories.  Please take a moment to rethink your stance on self protection.  Please think about whether saving your earthly body is worth the damage that your soul might suffer, for taking the life of another.
Please think about how your best intentions to protect yourself might contribute to raising the chances of harm to others

Deidra Hewitt,

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